Who Owns the Float?
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Who Owns the Float?

Matt Handal

The concept of float is important to the understanding of CPM scheduling on construction projects.

Theodore J. Trauner, Jr., PE, William A. Manginelli, and Brian Furniss recently collaborated on an article entitled, “Why Owners and Contractors Should Share the Float.”

The detailed article touches on many topics including float’s definition, the different types of float, “float ownership” contract provisions, and addresses the question of “who should own the float.” If you are interested in the topic of planning and scheduling or would like to learn more about float, this article is worth reading.

The American College of Construction Lawyers and Thomson Reuters have graciously permitted us to share this article with our readers. You can access the article at this link (Why Owners and Contractors Should Share the Float Article Reprint).

The article is reprinted with permission from the Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers, Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 2001, copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Further reproduction of without permission of the publisher is prohibited. For addition information about this publication, please visit west.thomson.com.


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