Theodore J. Trauner


I started TRAUNER about 30 years ago for reasons perhaps different than most.  I wanted an organization that produced a top quality product every time.  I was convinced that a dedicated staff could consistently provide outstanding service.  In that vein, I also believed that my staff (of which I had none initially) should be integrated into the organization as if they were family and not just employees.  I desired people who could work with me and not for me.  Some 30 years later, we have a productive and successful “family”. As folks joined our family, I gave simple guidance:
  • Always be truthful – whether it is what the client wants to hear or not.
  • Always be objective – because you will be judged by that objectivity.
  • Always be professional – because that professionalism will be one measure of your effectiveness.
  • Always be thorough – because we don’t want surprises.
  • Always do your best – because every client is worth it.
Still today, our family produces an objective honest quality analysis on every project.

William A. Manginelli

President /Principal

How do we add value?  At TRAUNER, this is the challenge we take on every day.  Meeting this challenge goes beyond performing a task or filling a role.  It takes experience, to know what questions to ask and where to look to fully understand the problem.  It takes knowledge, to identify the proper approach and to develop and refine appropriate analysis techniques.  And, it takes integrity, to be willing to work tirelessly to get to the right answer without cutting corners or taking positions that won’t stand the scrutiny of trial. In a word, it takes attitude; the commitment to focus these qualities on behalf of every client until the job is done.  At TRAUNER, we are proud of this attitude and the value we bring to our clients every day.  Experience, Knowledge, Integrity; you can count on our staff to deliver these qualities to you.

Scott LoweJ. Scott Lowe, P.E.


The truth is that our clients wouldn’t need us if their problems were easily solved.  We get the toughest problems – the ones where a clear picture of the project is hidden in the scrambled pieces of a puzzle.  Our challenge is to assemble the pieces into a clear picture showing what really happened.  Like any difficult puzzle, this work takes a practiced eye, a systematic approach, and perseverance. The key to solving our client’s toughest puzzles is also our most valuable asset – our staff.  Their education is eclectic, their experience diverse, their contributions significant, and their accomplishments real and enduring.  They “wrote the book” on the topics at the core of what we do.  They chair the committees developing the standards for our industry.  And they share all of it through webinars, seminars, speeches, and articles.  They are the experts’ experts.