The definitive source on construction delays has just gotten better!

The recently published third edition of Construction Delays includes an expanded discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of all forensic schedule delay analysis methods and includes new chapters, including an entire chapter on reviewing and approving CPM schedule submissions on active construction projects.

The updated and expanded guide to construction delays

In this second edition of Construction Delays, all chapters were updated to reflect the changes in the construction field since the first edition published over 16 years ago. It includes over 40% more information such as new methods for analyzing delays, with examples of the proper approach, and a new chapter on risk management.

How to reduce the construction risks of contaminated sites…

For those who are attempting to minimize the cost and time required for construction on a contaminated site, this book is the authority.

How to avoid and recoup losses due to project delays…

The largest dollar value disputes are almost always related to project delays. Here are the techniques you need to avoid and recover lost profits in a delay situation.

A new edition of the classic A through Z guide to successful construction estimates…

If you’re a construction estimator, manager, or engineer, the new edition of this popular reference will give you everything you need to know about estimating – from the initial planning stage to the final price.

Once project managers learned chiefly from the school of hard knocks…

Now with Ted Trauner’s “Managing the Construction Project,” you can benefit from more systematic training that provides you with far greater assurance that your projects will be effectively completed.

Priceless guidance through the maze of rules and regulations unique to government construction contracts.

It provides you with plain language explanations and interpretations of the complex and often inconsistent requirements of government contracts, and much, much more.