Soledad II Prison
Soledad II Prison

Soledad II Prison

  • Market Segment: Correctional
  • Services Provided: Construction Claims Analysis and Dispute Resolution
  • Client: California Department of Corrections
  • Location: Monterey County, CA
  • Project Value: $32,500,000

I just wanted to let you know how much the California Department of Corrections (CDC) appreciates the fine work that you and your team provided on the above-referenced project. The thorough, accurate, and professional claim analysis... which you expertly summarized in your highly effective presentation, was instrumental in resolving the claim... to the benefit of the CDC. Trauner Consulting Services certainly lived up to its reputation for hard work, dedication, and quality service to its clients, and we look forward to working with you and your firm on future challenges.

- George A. Sifuentes, Chief, Construction Operations Branch, Planning and Construction Division

The contractor and its subcontractors submitted a $10M claim. Trauner was asked to review the contractor claim and determine if the claim was presented according to the CDC’s contract requirements. We investigated precast panel delays early in the project. We provided a detailed delay analysis, liability analysis, loss of efficiency analysis, report, and unresolved disputed work issues. We reviewed the adequacy of the precast panel design drawings, the effect of the available dimensional and loading data for the rooftop HVAC units, and RFIs pertinent to various disputes. An additional delay analysis resulted in an additional analysis to evaluate the alleged acceleration and disruption impacts. We also reviewed the adequacy of actions related to change order processing. Trauner attended several negotiation and settlement meetings.