Shades of Green Hotel
Shades of Green Hotel

Shades of Green Hotel

  • Market Segment: Hospitality/Recreation
  • Services Provided: CPM Scheduling (Development, Review, and Analysis)
  • Client: N/A
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Project Value: N/A

Shades of Green Hotel is an Armed Forces Recreation Center located on the Walt Disney World property. It was originally owned by World Disney World and called the “Golf Resort” and later the “Disney Inn.” It was leased by the Department of Defense in 1994 and renamed to Shades of Green Hotel.

Shades of Green Hotel is totally self supporting and operates from non-appropriated funds (no cost to the taxpayer). Profits generated are used for improvements to the hotel, property, and services for the guests. Shades of Green Hotel is reserved for the use of active and retired members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, and National Guard, as well as currently employed Department of Defense civilians and U.S. Public Health Officers. It is nestled in a wooded setting between two championship golf courses, the Palm and Magnolia. The resort has two lighted tennis courts, two heated swimming pools, a children’s pool and play area, exercise room, three gift shops, travel services, video arcade, laundry facilities, restaurant, lounge, and a sports bar.

During construction, Trauner was retained by the contractor to perform schedule reviews, document and analyze delays occurring on the project, document the progress of the work on the critical path, as well as work on the near critical path, and to assist the contractor in managing the work during an acceleration. In the latter stages of the project, Trauner took on the role as project scheduler. This was in order to open the hotel for use by military personnel for the busiest part of Orlando’s tourist season.

Presently there are two trials scheduled, one between the Contractor and the Government and another among the Contractor, the Government, and the Design firms. Trauner is providing analysis and expert testimony on behalf of the Contractor with respect to delays caused by the significant design errors that existed in the plans. For the scheduling and management work on the Shades of Green project, Trauner received the AGC 2005 Horizon Award.