Pinellas County Criminal Court
Pinellas County Criminal Court

Pinellas County Criminal Court

  • Market Segment: Government – State and Local
  • Services Provided: Construction Claims Analysis and Dispute Resolution
  • Client: Carlton Fields
  • Location: Clearwater, FL
  • Project Value: $50,000,000

The project involved construction of the $50M Pinellas County Criminal Courts Facility in Clearwater, FL. The project was approximately 200 days late. The contractor requested over $1M in additional compensation and a time extension of 145 days for alleged changes and design errors. The design errors involved the lighting locations versus the sprinkler head locations. The sprinkler heads were intended to be in the light fixture. The sprinkler drawings and lighting drawings were not coordinated. The construction manager alleged that the lighting and sprinkler locations were shown on at least one set of the mechanical drawings. The problem was discovered before all of the sprinklers were installed.

The County requested that Trauner review the project documents and provide an independent analysis of the delays and liabilities for the delays. Trauner also reviewed the change orders that were granted to determine if the County had any additional liability. Trauner performed a spot check of the change orders that were approved to determine whether the settlement was reasonable as to entitlement and cost.