National Highway Institute Courses

National Highway Institute Courses

  • Market Segment: Highway & Bridge
  • Services Provided: Training
  • Client: Federal Highway Administration
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Project Value: N/A

Use of Critical Path Method for Estimating, Scheduling, and Timely Completion (Course #13049)

Trauner developed the course curriculum for a training program focusing on applications of the critical path method (CPM) for control of schedules, resource planning/resource leveling, identification of potential bottlenecks, recognition of slack time, and overall project monitoring. The course includes methods for measuring the attainment of learning objectives. We presented the pilot course in early 2001 and made revisions to the course based on feedback received. We were then selected by FHWA to present the course, and have consistently received very favorable ratings. In 2004, Trauner was again contracted to present these courses through 2007.

Managing Highway Contract Claims: Analysis and Avoidance (Course # 134037)

In 1987, Trauner developed the original course outline and curriculum, developed class materials, and presented over 80 sessions of the course, Highway Construction Contract Claims Handling and Avoidance. The course used a seminar format to teach participants how to avoid claims on their projects, how to handle a claim that had been filed, and how to resolve the dispute fairly with a minimum expenditure of resources. The course was designed to be flexible, allowing increased emphasis in areas such as scheduling, schedule analysis, and the incorporation of actual claim examples from the state or agency for which the course is being given. Over a period of 15 years, several updates and revisions were made to the course, including the incorporation of modules, additional case studies, and instructional system design (ISD) modules.

Alternative Contracting (Course #13405A)

In 2004, Trauner researched, developed, and presented a pilot for National Highway Institute Course No. 134058, entitled “Alternative Contracting.” The course explores alternative methods of project management and procurement, including Design-Build and A+B Bidding, currently in use, or proposed for use, on highway construction projects. It defines objectives for their use, implementation, and risk allocation, legal, and administrative issues related to their use. It also explores key differences between traditional and alternative contracting methods and why some of them are widely used while others remain experimental. Finally, the course addresses best practices for implementation of selected methods including criteria for selection of appropriate projects, guidance and sample specifications, and how alternative contracting methods might be combined to achieve multiple project objectives. Trauner was selected, as part of a term contract, to present this course to DOTs throughout the nation.

Principles of Writing Highway Construction Specifications (Course #134001)

Trauner developed and pilot-tested, Principals of Writing Highway Construction Specifications, a training course which focuses on the technical issues involved in writing clear, concise, and practical specifications. During our initial five-year contract, we presented the four-day course 40 times to more than 30 highway agencies throughout the United States. In the mid-1990s, we revised the course based on feedback and lessons-learned from the participants. We have since presented many additional courses. In 1999 and again in 2004, Trauner was awarded additional task orders, which extended our contract to present these courses through 2007.