GARVEE Transportation Program Audit
GARVEE Transportation Program Audit

GARVEE Transportation Program Audit

  • Market Segment: Highway & Bridge
  • Services Provided: Performance Audits
  • Client: Idaho Transportation Department
  • Location: Statewide, ID
  • Project Value: $1,000,000,000

The State of Idaho, in conjunction with the Idaho Transportation Department and the Federal Highway Administration, developed the GARVEE Transportation Program. The GARVEE Transportation Program is an innovative funding program designed to allow Idaho to plan, design, and build more highway projects in less time than through traditional transportation funding methods. It uses Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (GARVEE) bonds to fund critical improvements in six transportation corridors throughout the state. This is a large program that will ultimately provide approximately $1B in funding. The Idaho Transportation Board authorized a Program Management contract with two large A/E/C firms, who formed a joint venture known as the Connecting Idaho Partners (Program Manager), to manage the GARVEE-funded projects.

Trauner was hired by the Idaho Transportation Department to provide an independent review and analysis of the Program Manager’s performance to date. Part of the purpose of this assignment was to determine whether the owner could delegate responsibility for managing the quality standards on federally funded projects to this program manager.

Trauner reviewed the contract and met with representatives of the state, as well as the Program Manager, to review the program and determine potential challenges that it might face. Trauner analyzed cost-loaded schedules and budget projections that the contractor provided the state. We have produced a preliminary report that provided recommendations on how the cost-loaded schedules can be better utilized and how the information presented in the budget projections can better serve the project’s needs. This report also identified better ways for the Contractor to more clearly report project costs and how they are projected throughout the life of the program. Trauner provided recommendations on how the various entities involved in the GARVEE program can adapt more effectively with changing legislative requirements. In addition, Trauner has developed recommendations on how the contractor can successfully track costs related to subcontracts.