Blue Water Bridge
Blue Water Bridge

Blue Water Bridge

  • Market Segment: Highway & Bridge
  • Services Provided: Construction Claims Analysis and Dispute Resolution
  • Client: Michigan Office of the Attorney General
  • Location: Port Huron, MI
  • Project Value: $21,000,000

Trauner provided claims analysis services to the Michigan State Attorney General’s Office on the Blue Water Bridge project. The project was a $21M rehabilitation of both the substructure and the superstructure of the Blue Water Bridge over the St. Clair River connecting Port Huron, Michigan to Point Edward, Ontario, Canada. Trauner analyzed a $10M inefficiency and acceleration claim related to the contractor’s work on the Michigan portion of the project.

During the assignment, Trauner:

  • Met with the project participants regularly
  • Visited the project site
  • Evaluated project documents
  • Reviewed the contractor’s claim
  • Evaluated the contractor’s alleged delays, inefficiencies, and damages.

Upon the completion of our work, we prepared a comprehensive expert report that included:

  • A description of our independent evaluation of  delays
  • Our assessment of quantity overruns and their impact on the project schedule
  • Our analysis of alleged inefficiencies
  • Our review of entitlement issues
  • Our evaluation of the contractor’s damages

The Michigan State Attorney General’s office successfully settled the dispute for a fraction of the claim amount.