Alameda Corridor Rail Program
Alameda Corridor Rail Program

Alameda Corridor Rail Program

  • Market Segment: Transit
  • Services Provided: Construction Claims Analysis and Dispute Resolution
  • Client: Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Project Value: $2,400,000,000

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that as a result of an overall annual review of all the various consulting firms providing services to the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority that the TRAUNER Consulting Services Team received the highest rating with superior overall service and performance.

The professional services that the TRAUNER team is providing ACTA in the areas of construction claims support and evaluation, conducting management audits of the performance of the construction management firms working for ACTA and the analysis of construction problems and methods have been invaluable.

- Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority

The Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority (ACTA) oversaw the design and construction of one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects, including the first consolidated railroad link expressway of its kind, the Alameda Corridor.

The 20-mile-long, $2.4B corridor consolidates 90 miles of track and four branch lines into a single line and links the two San Pedro Bay ports to key rail yards near downtown Los Angeles. The corridor crosses or borders ten cities, and its construction eliminated more than 200 rail and street intersections, eased traffic congestion and reduced air and noise pollution. During construction, contractors dealt with contaminated sites, significant archaeological findings, multiple rail and utility districts, and differing site conditions. Hundreds of subcontractors and thousands of employees participated in the construction of this project, which included one of the largest design-build contracts ever awarded to a single contractor, $760 million for construction of the 10-mile Mid-Corridor.

Trauner  was selected by ACTA to provide REALTIME Claims Management services, which included: contract document review, including development of “claims resistant” bid and contract documents; project monitoring and oversight; consultant performance audits; master schedule review and updates; evaluation of contractors’ baseline schedules, updates, and requests for time extensions; evaluation of proposed change orders; development and presentation of project-specific training courses to construction administration personnel on understanding and implementing contract provisions, change order management, claims avoidance, and dispute resolution; and the development and implementation of claims avoidance and mitigation strategies.

Trauner regularly verified each contactor’s schedule updates, resulting in no disputed time-extension issues. This schedule review and verification process allowed the project to avoid disputed time-extension issues.

Also, this project was completed on time, within budget and, most importantly from the perspective of Trauner’s contribution, without significant claims. It was Trauner’s REALTIME Claims Management services that allowed the project team to focus their resources on problems before the issues led to disputes and claims. Early detection and monitoring also allowed, for example, the contemporaneous documentation of productivity data, keeping claims at a minimum, and settling changes for actual costs based on real-time data.