AASHTO Guide Specification Rewrites
AASHTO Guide Specification Rewrites

AASHTO Guide Specification Rewrites

  • Market Segment: Highway & Bridge
  • Services Provided: Standard Specification Update and Improvement
  • Client: Transportation Research Board
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Project Value: N/A

Trauner worked closely with members of American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ (AASHTO) Subcommittee on Construction to revise the 1998 Guide Specifications for Highway Construction.  The project scope included conducting an overall review for consistency and correctness, providing recommendations for updating the general and technical requirements, and converting measurements from metric to dual (metric and U.S. customary) units.  Part of this effort also entailed adding various innovative contracting special provisions, including provisions for A+B Bidding, Incentive/Disincentives, warranties, and pavement ride quality.  The revised specifications were published as the 2008 Guide Specifications.

Prior to this effort, Trauner had worked on the seventh (1993) edition of the AASHTO Guide Specifications, recommending revisions to various clauses in Division 100, including those addressing Changes, Significant Changes in the Character of the Work, Variations in Quantity, Differing Site Conditions, Extra Work, Scheduling, Time Extensions, and Force Account.