University of Chicago Mansueto Library

  • Market Segment: Educational
  • Services Provided: Contractor Advisory
  • Client: Barton Malow
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Project Value: $25,000,000

The Mansueto Library project at the University of Chicago is the construction of over 62,000 square feet of new library space that houses over 3.1 million rare books. The library houses these books in an underground facility 58 feet below grade and uses an automated storage and retrieval system to access the stored books and materials.

A Chicago-based architect designed the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, which is topped with a glass dome and located at the University’s Hyde Park Campus. While the project is not seeking LEED certification, this project uses sustainable features by using recycled content for construction and diverting over 50% of construction waste to recycling centers.

Trauner was brought in by the construction manager while the project was ongoing. We performed an analysis of the schedules to identify project delays that have occurred on the project, to date. In addition, the construction manager asked Trauner to proactively assist with scheduling, schedule review, change order management, and claims avoidance on any issues that come up during the rest of the project.