Guidelines for the Use of Highway Pavement Warranties

  • Market Segment: Highway & Bridge
  • Services Provided: Research
  • Client: Transportation Research Board
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Project Value: N/A

TRAUNER managed the research for NCHRP Project 10-68, “Guidelines for the Use of Highway Pavement Warranties.” The end-result of this project is a detailed guideline for the use and implementation of pavement warranties on highway construction projects and guide specifications. The specifications addressed different levels of warranties and changing roles and responsibilities for quality management depending on contract type. Included as a sub-task of NCHRP Project 10-68 is NCHRP Project 20-07 (210) synthesis study, “Use of Warranties in Highway Construction”. Warranted items under this research include bituminous crack treatment, chip seal, micro-surfacing, ITS components, pavement markings, bridge components, bridge painting, and pavements. This team compiled the information collected and produced a synthesis on the state of practice of highway warranties. Additionally, the team assisted in producing an implementation strategy for advancing the use of warranties in the highway industry.