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Construction Claims And Disputes

We have decades of experience dissecting construction disputes, so we can get you the answers you need for resolution, without bias or emotion.

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CPM Scheduling

We perform all schedule reviews with a trained eye toward identifying potential delay and extra work issues.

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Specification Update And Improvement

We’ll work with you to draft contract general provisions and make recommendations on contract language to effectively manage risk and reduce claims.

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Onsite Training

Does your team need training? 

We love to give people the tools they need to avoid disputes and experience success with their construction projects. 

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With the ability to focus on your needs and respond quickly, we can help you complete the project, mitigate and resolve costly claims, and protect your interests.

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Construction Audits

We always recommend creative, yet practical, solutions that can be implemented by real people in real organizations.

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What Our Clients Say

Thousands of clients are glad they chose our company

"After speaking with our colleagues, we knew one thing to be of the utmost importance...hire the best...and we did. You did a remarkable job for us. Not only did you play an enormous part in our successful resolution, but also I witnessed firsthand a company whose most impressive attribute, in my opinion, is its integrity."

- Scott Kravitz

"Without your professional services we would not have been able to re-coop $1,700,000 of the $2,000,000 claim bought against the District by the contractor."

- Stephanie Kennedy

"The TRAUNER Team efforts have already saved countless dollars and construction time and certainly helped resolve several issues that were heading to significant construction claims."

- Arthur B Goodwin

"...your firm’s in-depth analysis of project scheduling, your firm’s extensive knowledge of VAAR clauses language and your presentations during the 4-day Alternate Disputes Resolution (ADR) mediation proceedings really helped to save the day.""

- Kandi McDonald

We Wrote The Book On Construction Delays 

Well, we actually wrote three 

Construction Delays (Third Edition)

Construction Delays, Third Edition, provides the latest specialized tools and techniques needed to avoid delays on construction projects. Most other references provide only post facto construction delay analysis. This update includes 18 chapters, 105 sections, and approximately 100 new pages relative to the second edition.

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