Caltrans Alternative Procurement

  • Market Segment: Highways & Bridges
  • Services Provided: Contracts, Guidelines, and Manuals
  • Client: California Department of Transportation
  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Project Value: N/A

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) retained Trauner to help identify and implement innovative procurement methods successfully applied by other agencies. This assignment included assessing the applicability of those innovative procurement practices to Caltrans based on their goals and desire to implement more efficient and cost-effective procurement practices.

Trauner performed the following tasks as part of a two-year scope of work:

  • Developed a design-build white paper introducing and outlining the design-build project delivery approach, why it is used, the design-build experience in California and nationally, key issues to consider, and conclusions.
  • Provided a collaborative website that allowed Caltrans staff and committee to review documents and references during project. Delivered website to Caltrans at end of project for future use.
  • Developed a fact-finding report assessing the pros and cons of 27 contracting and procurement practices including 19 alternative practices not currently used by Caltrans. This evaluation report was presented to the steering committee and resulted in the decision by Caltrans to develop a comprehensive alternative procurement guide for design-build, CM at risk, and five other alternative procurement and contracting methods.
  • Provided recommended improvements to design-build legislation, a draft model law for CM at Risk, and recommendations for improving the Caltrans Design-Build Sequencing Guide.
  • Provided recommendations on a variety of policy and business issues related to existing and proposed procurement and contracting methods.
  • Developed recommended procedures and criteria for prequalifying contractors.
  • Identified changes to existing standard contract specifications and practices to accommodate design-build.
  • Developed a project selection tool to choose the most appropriate project delivery system including design-bid-build, low bid design-build, best-value design-build, and CM at risk for selected highway projects.
  • Created an Alternative Procurement Guide for alternative procurement and delivery methods including design sequencing, design-build, CM at risk, and five procurement alternatives, and contract management methods. The guide included criteria for selecting projects, guidance for project development, design, and preconstruction activities, development of alternative procurement documents, and considerations for contract administration during construction. The guide further addressed how these alternative processes fit with Caltrans’ existing project development workflow and how standard processes might be affected. The guide also included reference materials and sample specifications for the various alternative procurement and delivery methods.